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» obese hazard
FA: "Sir, please take your seat." Pax: "I *am* in my seat, maam." FA: "Sir, take your SEAT!" ...
Added on : 04-Dec-2009 Added by : mischa Rating : 2.82/5 (11 votes)
» Elephant Pulling Airplane
This is an elephant pulling an airplane. I just do not know what else to say! wow ...
Added on : 21-Apr-2009 Added by : brandon_ Rating : 3.81/5 (10 votes)
» Airbus A350-300
Ah yes, the elusive Airbus A350-300. Finally, a spy photo surfaces... ...
Added on : 21-Apr-2009 Added by : brandon_ Rating : 1.4/5 (15 votes)
» Pilot Rules
Read the rules, know the rules, OBEY the rules. ...
Added on : 21-Apr-2009 Added by : sam_ Rating : 3.66/5 (20 votes)
» Bedtime: Wife vs FS
I am man enough to admit it, sometimes flight simulator gets the best of me too! ...
Added on : 21-Apr-2009 Added by : estranged_hubby Rating : 1.28/5 (14 votes)
» Open Cockpit 747
Now this is what I call an open cockpit! Lift off! ...
Added on : 15-Apr-2009 Added by : Wortel Drie Rating : 4.46/5 (11 votes)
» grey headedness
Looks like Easyjet aircraft are getting old, as this one clearly shows! ...
Added on : 16-Jan-2009 Added by : mischa Rating : 2.38/5 (8 votes)
» Forgetfulness
Glad I don't know that from experience! ...
Added on : 09-Dec-2008 Added by : MavRiek Rating : 4.8/5 (5 votes)
» Nude Marshals
I just cracked up!!! I don't know why they did that... (Lajes AB) ...
Added on : 03-Dec-2008 Added by : Fabio Rocha Rating : 2.15/5 (7 votes)
» Bringing Sexy Back!
This photo is of this TAP Portugal A310's last landing at Lajes (LPLA). This aircraft is being replaced by the A330. ...
Added on : 03-Dec-2008 Added by : Fabio Rocha Rating : 1.01/5 (11 votes)

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After taking off, the pilot got on the speaker and said, "Bear with me folks, this is my first time."


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